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Our mission: To foster and promote education, participation, appreciation of and financial support for the San Angelo Symphony Orchestra and symphonic music in the Concho Valley.

The Symphony Guild is a group of volunteers supporting today's symphony and tomorrow's musicians. Between September and May, we hold meetings and raise funds for our local symphony orchestra, local school and university music programs, as well as orchestra students. We also volunteer in several capacities for those entities and make time for a little fun along the way. There are many options available to members for participation in the Symphony Guild. The spirit and energy of the group, its diversity, and the group's commitment to active involvement in the organization is the key to its success. The Symphony Guild is an energetic, enthusiastic group of men and women who pool their considerable talents, give generously of their time, and have a wonderful experience working together to keep the music alive for the children and adults of the Concho Valley. With strong participation from our membership to meet our mission, the Symphony Guild will continue to make a lasting, positive impact on our community!

*No mobile information will be shared with third parties/affiliates for marketing/promotional purposes.