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Symphony Guild Membership

As a nonprofit public charity, the Guild leverages our members’ time, talent and resources to support the Guild’s mission.  The Guild’s legacy began in 1955 and, since 1963, has built solid youth programs that provide age appropriate etiquette training for their community service opportunities in support of the our mission. 

There are currently two levels of membership, General and Lifetime.


General Membership: All General members are expected to support the Guild in one fundraiser as a minimum, with participation defined as at least one of the following:

  1. Working on a fundraising committee,
  2. Attending a fundraiser,
  3. Making a cash donation, or
  4. Providing an item for a fundraising auction. 


Lifetime Membership: Members are eligible for lifetime membership after 6 years of service to the Guild, and pay their one-time lifetime dues.  While committee work is not required, it is encouraged to stay connected to fellow Guild members and continuing your legacy of support of the mission of the Guild.

The annual Gala is the Guild’s major fundraiser.  The Winter Wine & Whirl in January is an important social and recruitment fundraiser. 

Strong Guild member participation at our fundraisers and socials propels the Guild forward in our mission of supporting the San Angelo Symphony and symphonic music education in the Concho Valley.  We encourage all members to be active for a strong Guild!


Membership Forms and Requirements